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It is the guest's obligation to read the INTERNAL REGULATIONS and comply with them, as well as the SAFETY AND HYGIENE PROTOCOL attached, since everyone, without exception, will be subject to them and must be respected.
CHECK-IN: 3-6 pm. Pacific Time (-1 hr.) CHECK OUT: 8-11 am.

*RESERVATIONS: The guest can reserve his room through the Total Payment of his stay or anticipating a payment of at least 50% of the total.
Consult “Reservation Conditions”.

*GUEST: A guest is considered only and exclusively to the people registered at the time of booking, therefore, the contracting party must declare the exact number of occupants in the room, including children of any age.
Extra child will have additional charge. Subject to authorization.

*ROOMS: The rooms have a maximum capacity of occupants, so it must be respected, since there are no extra beds or supplements.
Single and Deluxe Room: 2 pers. (without children) - Double Room: 4 pers. maximum

*DAMAGES: In the event of any damage or damage caused to the rooms (white goods, objects, furniture) or Hotel facilities, the guest must cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged object. For this reason, when registering, the guest will leave a CASH Deposit for each reserved room, which will be returned upon departure, once the accommodation has been reviewed.

* TOWELS: Towels are for EXCLUSIVE USE IN THE ROOMS. It is forbidden to remove towels or objects from the rooms or the Hotel.
* Replacement of towels. There is no replacement of towels every day. They are replaced exclusively for stays longer than 3 nights.
* In case of painting or staining towels or bedding with dye or any other product, there will be an extra charge. Take your precautions and avoid unnecessary charges.

*CLEANING: Room cleaning service available on request every 3rd. day. From 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Staff access to rooms will be restricted. The rooms will only be entered to remove garbage and replace toiletries. If you require cleaning service, please deliver your room key to Reception.

*POOL: The pool is for the EXCLUSIVE USE OF GUESTS. Guests are not accepted. To enter the rooms and the pool it is necessary to shower before, to remove sand and sunscreen.
POOL HOURS: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Local time.
* Pool towel service and common bathroom area, not available (Temporary).

*FOOD AND DRINKS: Because the rooms do not have a kitchenette, it is not allowed to introduce or prepare food inside the rooms. The consumption of alcoholic beverages within the Hotel facilities must be MODERATE and must not disturb the peace and tranquility of other guests.

* ACCESS DOOR: The access door to the Hotel remains closed throughout the day. It locks up at 10pm. If you need to go out or come in after that time, please notify Reception. KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED FROM THE TIME INDICATED.

*PARKING: The Hotel has covered parking for 3 cars and space for 2 more cars in front of its facilities. It is subject to availability. There are no secluded places. The Hotel is not responsible for damages to its vehicles caused by third parties.

*PETS: Pets are not allowed, without exception.

*NO SMOKING inside the Hotel facilities (rooms, pool, common areas, corridors, stairs, reception, parking).
Smoking area: SOLARIUM, located on the top floor terrace. Do not throw butts.

  * Quinta Mar y Selva carries out some sustainability practices that help reduce ecological damage to nature. For this reason we have varied some services, such as the replacement of towels and the cleaning service on request.
* REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE. Save water and be sure to turn OFF Light, TV, Fan and Air Conditioning when you don't need it and when you leave your room.
* The Hotel is not responsible for failures in electricity, Wi-Fi signal and cell phone, beyond its competence.
* Please DO NOT HANG clothes or towels on the railings or outside the room. In the bathroom there are 2 bars to place your wet clothes.
* The Hotel is not responsible for objects left in common areas, or in case you have already checked-out, for objects left in the room.
* The use of sound devices, games or other activities must be with M
ODERATE VOLUME. Common areas hours: Until 10 pm.
* The Hotel does not have a restaurant service. Rates only Lodging.
* In case of breaching any provision of the Internal Regulations and the established Hygiene Protocol, the Hotel reserves the RIGHT OF ADMISSION or to terminate the Contract.

* The guest who presents an aggressive, threatening, disrespectful attitude or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
You must leave the Hotel immediately and will be reported to the corresponding authorities.



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